The Airline Oxford Bus Review August 2020

The Airline Oxford Bus Review August 2020

The Airline Oxford Bus Review blog post was made possible by the City of Oxford Motor Services Ltd – this has been sponsored by them.

The Airline Oxford offers a frequent service to Heathrow and Gatwick Airports from Oxford and operates 24/7/365 which is really handy. I am personally a fan of them as they are a great transport link between Oxford and the two major airports, having used them myself for my last long-haul holiday back in October 2019.

They offer comfort and luxury including; Power sockets/USB charging points; Air-conditioned coaches; on-board toilets and Free WiFi which are all great amenities before catching a flight, or if you were like me and were grabbing a hotel next to the airport the night before a really early flight the next day.

In addition, it is worth noting that the Airline operates 24/7 and 365 days a year which I’m sure is appreciated by people travelling on last-minute holidays and business trips as well as trips that are made during UK holidays e.g. Christmas.

The Airline Oxford
The Airline Bus at Gloucester Green Bus Station

Our bus was due to leave Gloucester Green Bus station at 10:00 so we came into Oxford about an hour before and grabbed a coffee which you’ll have seen if you follow me on Instagram. One thing I love about the Gloucester Green Bus station is that you have a few nice spots in Gloucester Green to grab a coffee/drink/some food and if you have timed it well, you can check out the Gloucester Green Food Market before hopping on the bus for your journey to the airport.

The process of boarding the bus is so easy. I love travelling so for me its always an exciting part of the journey as it feels like a mini version of boarding a plane at Gloucester Green Bus station, as you have the gates that open shortly before you depart and you can board the bus shortly before you leave.

When getting on the bus you can either buy a ticket on board (which is so easy these days as the contactless limit has increased to £45, though a return costs £30 as pictured below) or you can book your ticket advance online or the best way, in my opinion, is through the app as you get £5 off your first purchase using code OBCAPP:

On the app, you can also plan your journey and track your coach along the route.

The Airline Oxford Bus Ticket
The Airline Bus Ticket

One thing that always impresses me on the Airline is that they don’t cheap out on the seats. These were as comfy as they look and to add to this they were exceptionally clean which is exactly what you want to see at this moment in time.

The Airline Oxford Bus Seats
The Airline Bus Seats

Whilst on the subject of being clean, the Airline also mentioned to me that they are prioritising the safety of their passengers and colleagues by thoroughly cleaning all of their busses when it returns from a round trip using the ‘STORM’ system. It means they clean and disinfect surfaces by spraying anti-viral chemicals from the cleaner’s backpack – you can see a video of this here 👉 YouTube Link.

I also really like the cabin in general in the Airline busses, they are bright and airy with this nice red and dark grey theme which I think is elegant.

The Airline Oxford Inside Cabin
The Airline Bus Cabin

Conclusions and final thoughts

So to summarise my journey, I felt that the process of boarding the bus and getting our tickets was super easy (and has also been this way in the past when I’ve used the service), the driver was friendly, the cabin was bright and airy, well equipt and perhaps most importantly the seats were very clean and comfy.

As an alternative to driving or getting the train to the airport, I think that the Airline Oxford bus services make the most sense for most cases and I know I’ll be using them again in the future.

I’d be keen to hear other people’s thoughts and experiences of the services, so please do drop a comment below or drop a comment on my related Instagram post to share your opinions.

If you want to check out any of my other reviews, please do by going here.

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