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philly's burger oxford

Philly’s Burger Oxford Introduction

I first noticed Philly’s Burger Oxford whilst walking to La Cucina for the first time during the government’s Eat Out to Help Out scheme back in August.

As soon as I passed Philly’s Burger Oxford, I noticed it straight away. I really admired the clear and big branding they have on the outside and it was soon obvious that this was going to be an American-themed burger restaurant.

Philly's Burger Oxford menu
Philly’s Burger Oxford
Philly's Burger Oxford menu

On first impressions of the menu, I noticed there was a limited range of choices which I really don’t mind at all. I think it’s a good sign when a restaurant has a limited menu because they are probably taking confidence in the fewer things that they offer. Plus it means if you’re anything like me, you won’t spend 15 minutes weighing up five different options. You can check out their menu here.

Philly's Burger Oxford sign
Philly's Burger Oxford interior
Philly's Burger Oxford interior
Philly's Burger Oxford interior

I really liked the interior of the restaurant. It’s not the biggest place, but I think they have done well with the space they have including popping a table and chairs outside the front which is where we sat for this review. I wanted to make the most of the last bit of heat before autumn properly kicks in!

The décor consists mainly of wood, brick, and American themed memorabilia such as the vehicle license plates from various states in the US. I appreciated the minimalism.

Philly's Burger Oxford view looking outside


I’ve reviewed a few spots to grab a burger in Oxford now, so I feel somewhat well versed to review a new burger restaurant.

When I spoke to the owner, Mo, I mentioned to him that I had my eyes set on the ‘All In’ (two beef patties, lettuce, tomatoes, American cheese, mayo, ketchup, grilled mushrooms, and onions) which he said is a great choice, but he highly recommended the ‘Three Together’ (three beef patties with American cheese) as it was one of their signature options.

I wasn’t so sure as it sounded pretty filling. Mo assured me that the Three Together wasn’t as heavy as it sounded, and also recommended getting an All In on the side split in half so I could share it with my friend and still try it.

It was clear that Mo was passionate about his menu, so I trusted his recommendations and that’s what we went for in the end. Along with this I also ordered a medium portion of Cajun Fries.

Philly's Burger Oxford meal
Philly's Burger Oxford burger
The Three Together

Starting with the Three Together, Mo was completely right. The patties are thin, so having three in one burger was not too heavy at all. The burgers were very tasty and almost melted in the mouth with each bite.

Something that I found quite unique (and I’d love to be corrected if this isn’t true) but I can’t recall any other places in Oxford offering three patties in a burger. This was quite novel to me and I would definitely order it again.

Philly's Burger Oxford burger
Philly's Burger Oxford Cajun fries

The Cajun fries were incredible. I’m not saying that lightly. As soon as they came out you could smell them and the flavouring was exceptional. It has a nice little kick to them as well which I enjoyed.

Philly's Burger Oxford meal
Philly's Burger Oxford meal
Here you can see the All In burger split in half at the top and two Three Together’s with Cajun fries, below.

Conclusions and final thoughts

My final thoughts on Philly’s Burger Joint Oxford is that this is an awesome place for casual dining and grabbing a good quality burger. If you look at the menu, the prices are very reasonable.

Philly’s Burger Joint Oxford doesn’t overwhelm you with options when you are ordering and when you do order, from my experience the food quality was very high. You would be forgiven for thinking this is a chain restaurant that’s been in business for years, even though it is not.

It’s a fantastic place to grab a burger on the go, or just to head in when you are walking past. Mo told me that he had plans to start home deliveries within the next week or two, so keep an eye out for that too if you are not too far from St Clements.

They also offer some great looking milkshakes which I will almost certainly be back soon to try.

It’s also worth noting that this restaurant is Halal, which is great to be aware of if you are looking for Halal restaurants in Oxford.

Thanks for checking out this review. If you’d like to see more, please browse my other reviews here.

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