A Midweek Pizza and Pint – The Oxford Blue Full Review


So on a cold Thursday evening, we decided to go down to The Oxford Blue for some dinner which is located just off of the Iffley road. For reference, you can see the location below.

You may remember this place previously as The Oxford Blue Smokehouse. Back in the Summer of 2018 Charles Wells Brewery took over the pub and named it very similarly, The Oxford Blue. The Oxford Blue focuses on serving ‘Pizzas, Pots, and Pints’ as their main offering and is a very community focused pub.

They picked this pub on Marston Street because of its, “Real connection to residents nearby” and because it is, “located just away from the hustle and bustle of the wider town”.

For those of you that watch my Instagram stories you might know that I work in the centre of Oxford. This place was really easy to walk to from town and not difficult to find at all. The signage outside was clean and draws you in.

I really liked both the interior and exterior, it had a typical British pub vibe. There were some board games anyone could pick up and use and you can see they try to source at least some of their ingredients locally.

There is plenty of wood on show giving a rustic feel to the place.

Food and drink

One of The Oxford Blue’s main offerings is pizza from their wood-fired oven, named the Iron Lady. So at least one of us had to try one! Aside from pizza they offer a few different ‘pots’ for example Mac and Cheese, Lasange and a Tagine. You can see the full menu offering below.

I decided to try one of the beers brewed by the company that owns this pub, Charles Wells. I went for the triple hop IPA. I am a big fan of hoppy beers and this tasted really light and refreshing, a great beer for a sunny day I reckon.

My other half tried the Cumberland Sausage pot, pictured below. This came with colcannon potatoes, garnish and a rich jus.

The Cumberland sausage tasted great, rich in flavour with the jus although I have to say parts of the potatoes underneath were stone cold, other parts were hot, when you mixed it all together it was fine though.

I opted for the ‘Lardo’ pizza which comes with spinach, prosciutto ham, mozzarella and a cracked Egg in the middle. Before this, I don’t think I had tried an egg with pizza but it went really well. I enjoyed the combination of toppings, albeit they seemed a bit random to me initially which made me curious to try it but they did all work well together.

My favourite item from the menu that we tried was the cheesy garlic bread. This was everything you would expect from a cheesy garlic bread cooked in a wood-fired oven. Very cheesy, dense but fluffy dough, with not too much of an overwhelming garlic flavour – this was amazing!

After our meal we were quite full so didn’t opt for a dessert in the end, but I took a picture of the menu so you can see below what the options were at the time of this review.

Conclusions and final thoughts

Overall we had a great time at The Oxford Blue. You can’t fault its great location with easy walking distance from Oxford and close to the heart of the Cowley Road.

The beer was great, the pizza was adequate and I would return again if I’m in need of a fair-priced meal close to Oxford.

When I left I thought to myself who would I be likely to return here with? To be blunt I think it may be more of a place to go with mates for a midweek or weekend bite to eat and a few beers but there is nothing wrong with that at all.

You could tell this pub makes an effort to be a place for the community and for that reason I think it will continue to be popular with local residents and students.

The Oxford Blue has live music every Friday, regular themed quizzes and will be starting open mic nights soon. It has to be said I haven’t attended any of these and I think it would definitely be worth popping along.

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