Lussmans Jericho Oxford Full Review

Lussmans Jericho Oxford Introduction

Lussmans Jericho Oxford opened its doors in March 2020. With this being their sixth restaurant, they have an existing presence in Hertford, St Albans, Harpenden, Hitchin and Tring.

We were kindly invited to the press night of Lussmans Jericho in Oxford where our food and drinks were provided by the restaurant at no cost. This review is written with my own opinions and has not been influenced by the restaurant or anyone associated with it.

The evening began with a short talk from Lussmans founder and managing director, Andrei Lussman, who really conveyed his passion for what the restaurant stood for. In 2002, Andrei set up Lussmanns with the view that anyone can enjoy good ethically sourced food, served in an attractive and timely manner at terrific value for money prices.

I was trying to understand where Lussmans sat in terms of its competition. Andrei described it rather well saying they were, “Somewhere between Côte Brasserie and The Ivy”.

Everything was stacking up rather interestingly at this point. From my point of view, I’m seeing a growing group of restaurants that seem to be doing rather well. Does this mean we may see Lussmans grow into the size of some of the other high street chains we are familiar with one day?

Well, Andrei was quick to answer this before I could even ask the question. He mentioned he really sees them as an independent business, not a chain. His vision was to take the best bits from chains whilst keeping everything they offer value-driven, for example not charging three times the price for organic, tasty chicken.

In addition, from what I understood Lussmans want to create a classy but classless dining environment, meaning anyone can enjoy a quality meal and not at extortionate prices. For example, they have a set menu 7 days a week until 7 pm not ripping off regulars. They understand most people finish work around 5/6 o’clock and finishing the set menu early would mean a lot of local workers may miss out.

So far so good then, everything about this restaurant from what I heard until this point seems to be stacking up nicely and I have not reviewed anywhere quite like it in Oxford.

Lussmans Jericho Oxford
Outside the front of Lussmans Jericho in Oxford (1-2 Little Clarendon St, Oxford. OX1 2HP)
Lussmans Jericho Oxford
Lussmans Jericho Oxford
Lussmans Jericho Oxford
Lussmans Jericho Oxford
Lussmans Jericho Oxford
‘The Library’ at the back of the restaurant can be closed off for private functions.

Having eaten at Carluccio’s when they were here before, I was impressed by the modest but noticeable changes that Lussmans Jericho in Oxford brought to the place. Apparently they do not hire designers because it’s too expensive.

To keep costs down they designed and re-fitted the place themselves. No two Lussmans restaurants are the same in terms of layout and design which ensures that independent feel.

Lussmans Jericho Oxford
Lussmans Jericho Oxford
This front of the restaurant is sectioned off from the rest of the restaurant and the front French windows will be opened up at the front for an alfresco dining experience for a good part of the year according to Andrei.
Lussmans Jericho Oxford
Lussmans Jericho Oxford

Food and Drinks

In terms of the food and drinks on offer at Lussmans Jericho in Oxford, their menu offering is ‘fish and grill’ with a focus on sustainable and ethics in terms of sourcing their food.

I found out that fish only makes up 40% of their menu, with the other 60% being grill and vegan options, for example, beef burgers and a chickpea hotpot to name just a couple of choices.

You can check out the menu for Lussmans Jericho in Oxford here.

To drink, I tried the Lussmans branded half pint of Pilsner which had a lovely amber colour. It tasted fresh with a malty sweetness and light barley bitterness.

Specials of the day

Although we were presented with a varied and decent looking specials menu, we were already excited to pick what caught our eye on the menu.

To start we opted for the Highland venison croquettes and Barnet halloumi to start, pictured below.

Highland venison croquettes and Barnet halloumi
Highland venison croquettes
Barnet halloumi
Lussmans Jericho Oxford
Highland venison croquettes

The venison croquettes were lovely and crispy on the outside and very rich and earthy in terms of the meat inside.

Free-range Label Anglais chicken schnitzel (with a caper, chilli and shallot linguine)

When Andrei Lussman provided an introductory speech about Lussmans, he explained that when one of the menus was changed in one of the restaurants, the above chicken schnitzel was removed. After this decision was made a lot of the customers kicked off and were not happy about it. So I had to try it!

I’m glad I did. I loved the little touch of wrapping the lemon in a cloth so when you squeeze it all the pips didn’t come out.

In terms of the chicken itself, it was the most tender and juicy chicken I think I have ever eaten. This picture doesn’t do it justice as well, it was a very good portion.

Caper, chilli and shallot linguine

The accompanying linguine was also lovely. It tasted fresh and minimal which I liked. It had a little kick from the chilli and the linguine was cooked al dente.

Onion rings

Nothing too much to report in terms of the onion rings. They were crispy and piping hot which is all you could ask for really. I did notice the batter looked nice and dark though.

Organic Highland beef burger and house chips (with Coastal Cheddar and roasted onions)

My other half ordered the Organic Highland beef burger and house chips. Just look at that picture below! You can certainly tell that Lussmans pride themselves on using good quality ingredients, I tried some of this burger and it was definitely on par with some of the high street burger chains, if not slightly better.

Lussmans Jericho Oxford
Organic Highland beef burger (with Coastal Cheddar and roasted onions)
Lussmans Jericho Oxford
Grand Marnier crème brûlée

If you haven’t already go and check out the funny attempt of a boomerang cracking the above crème brûlée on my Instagram highlights. The base was very rich with that custard flavour really coming through, topped with the texturally contrasting layer of hardened caramelized sugar. Can’t go wrong.

Coconut & date cheesecake 

Here was something I’d never tried before; a coconut and date cheesecake. I love cheesecake, probably in my top three favourite desserts so I had to go for it. It looked quite small on first glance. However, you would not want more than one portion of this – I struggled to finish it! It was very creamy, topped with roasted desiccated coconut and a contrasting thick base consisting of dates.

Coconut & date cheesecake 
Lussmans Jericho Oxford
Grand Marnier crème brûlée

Conclusions and Final Thoughts

So to conclude, I had a great experience at Lussmans. I really like what this restaurant stands for, offering great quality food at non-extortionate prices and trying to look after you as a valued customer.

Surely that’s what all restaurants should be about? You would think so anyway, but it’s not always the case so this was refreshing.

If you come to Lussmans Jericho in Oxford I can almost guarantee you will feel extremely well looked after and not ripped off by the end of it, which to me, creates a restaurant that I can’t immediately compare to another in Oxford.

You can check out my other reviews here.

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