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Jericho Grill Oxford

Jericho Grill Introduction

I had first noticed Jericho Grill when I visited Jamal’s in Jericho back in August, as it’s very close by on the opposite side of the road on Walton Street.

On first impressions, Jericho Grill looks sophisticated from the outside. I noticed its contrasting dark facia with dim but classy lighting behind the signage and from the walls.

Jericho Grill
Jericho Grill
The menu

We took a quick look at the menu outside. With around 5 options under each heading, I thought the menu was laid out nicely and made it very easy to navigate and choose something to eat without getting too overwhelmed.

Jericho Grill

Inside the restaurant was well appointed with plenty of space. As mentioned in my Instagram Stories on the night we visited, I was also very impressed by the way this restaurant was handling its responsibility for taking measures for COVID protection. Our server was wearing PPE throughout, there were screen dividers between tables that couldn’t be spread out and just generally got the sense they were taking care of the situation.

This aside, I thought the restaurant had the feel of a nice bistro. Very welcoming and somewhere that felt familiar, even though I had never stepped inside before.


To start with, we were brought some warm bread with garlic butter.

Fresh warm bread with garlic butter

We then had the calamari and the pan-seared scallops. The calamari was fantastic. We were given big pieces which tasted firm but not chewy, which I always think is a sign of good quality calamari.


In terms of the scallops, this was my first time trying these and I have wanted to try them for a while now. I’m quite into seafood so was intrigued as I’ve heard they can be a bit of an acquired taste.

I’ve recently learned that scallops can go very firm, quickly, if they are overcooked. I’m pleased to say these almost melted in my mouth but at the same time had this amazing sweet chargrilled taste. Accompanied by the tomato and red pepper chutney, it went together spectacularly.

Pan-Seared Scallops

For our mains, we went for the 7oz Buttermilk Chicken Breast Burger with cheese and bacon and a 10oz Ribeye Steak. To accompany the mains, we ordered sides of Onion Rings and Creamed Spinach and Shaved Parmesan – the latter was something I hadn’t tried before.

Jericho Grill
The mains and sides

I admittedly haven’t had many steaks in Oxford, however this hands down has to be the nicest steak I’ve had here. I was saying to our waiter that from my little knowledge and experience of eating steaks, I’ve found that I usually leave at least a bit of the fat / gristle to the side when I’m finished.

However, with this steak it completely melted in my mouth and I didn’t leave any of it which blew my mind a little. Maybe I need to get out and try more steaks, but I was really impressed by this one.

Jericho Grill
10oz Ribeye Steak

I was thinking of how to describe the Creamed Spinach and Shaved Parmesan, considering it was my first time trying it. The simplest way I could think of to say in one word, would be hearty. It’s such a comforting dish to eat and I would highly recommend it if you haven’t tried it before.

Jericho Grill
Creamed Spinach and Shaved Parmesan

The onion rings, like the calamari, were big in size and nice and crunchy. Definitely of good quality.

Onion Rings

I tried a bite of my other half’s Buttermilk Chicken Burger. I find that these kinds of burgers tend to be either great or terrible and largely due to the quality of chicken used. I was relieved to find that the quality of chicken used for this burger, to me, seemed really good. I was also glad to see a generous amount of cheese and the bacon was nice and crispy.

Jericho Grill
7oz Buttermilk Chicken Breast Burger

For dessert we opted for a Crème brûlée and the dark chocolate brownie with pistachio ice cream. Both were rich and tasty, but not too heavy.

Crème brûlée
Dark chocolate brownie with pistachio ice cream

I thought it was also worth mentioning that the Jericho Grill have recently started a click and collect service in case you want to enjoy their food at home. Also, they have recently started offering roasts on Sunday’s which I imagine would be very good based on the experience of this meal, so also worth checking out if you like a good roast.

Conclusions and final thoughts

To conclude, I think that the Jericho Grill is a lovely restaurant in the heart of Jericho. I noticed that there was a nice mixture of people in the restaurant, to me meaning that they are able to provide for a wide variety of people. For example, there were both couples and what appeared to be a small groups of friends of a variety of ages.

I was very impressed by the Jericho Grill’s menu selection and was able to choose something very quickly. Once our food came, I was also very impressed by the quality. I think that the prices they charge are reasonable for what was provided and provide good value.

Thanks for checking out this review. You can find my other Oxford restaurant reviews here.

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