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Glut Oxford Introduction

This is long overdue. Glut Oxford has been open for a good few weeks before I visited and I meant to go sooner but you know life happens.

This restaurant out of no-where shot up to being the #1 rated restaurant in Oxford on Tripadvisor in June 2019 after being open for just two months.

Glut’s main offering is burgers but they also offer some awesome American style food such as chicken wings, pancakes and I understand more may be added to the menu in the future. I always say though a menu that has a decent but not too much of a wide variety of choice is a good one because the focus is on the quality of food.

I spoke with the owner Sami who is very humble and down to earth. He explained that he used to visit America a lot when he was younger, mainly to eat their awesome food. He said there was nothing like this in the UK and that if certain burger chains from the UK opened in America they would be laughed at.

So, at his family’s restaurant in Jericho, he has been dreaming and creating the menu for Glut for a few years.

Sami’s story and passion were really great to hear and I sometimes think that this is important for an owner of a restaurant as it will drive them to keep going in difficult times.

GLUT Oxford Exterior
GLUT Oxford
GLUT Oxford Interior
GLUT Oxford
GLUT Oxford Interior
GLUT Oxford
GLUT Oxford Interior
GLUT Oxford
GLUT Oxford Bar
GLUT Oxford
GLUT Oxford Bar

As you can see from the pictures above, the interior is well decorated with a casual dining vibe and a couple of decent beers on tap. I liked the big feature wall.

GLUT Oxford
GLUT Oxford

Glut Oxford Food and Drink

After looking at the awesome looking menu, we ordered the following (all pictured below the list):

  • Chicken burger.
  • Cheeseburger.
  • Buffalo wings.
  • Sinful fries.
  • Artichoke and Spinach crockpot.

These were hands down the best chicken wings I have ever eaten, anywhere. They just fell off the bone. you can see how juicy they are as well just look at the picture!

The burgers were fantastic. My cheeseburger was like no other I’ve had in Oxford. You could tell the meat was prepared in house and although it sounds a bit vague it just had a really nice beef/meaty taste to it that you don’t get with cheap burgers.

The Chicken burger was fab too, the batter was really crispy and fresh and certainly was not frozen beforehand, you can tell they had battered and cooked it moments before it was served.

The sinful fries (above) were awesome. It was covered in cheese and breaded chicken bits as well as a really nice sauce.

The Artichoke and Spinach crockpot really interested me. We were told that this is a very popular dish in America and admittedly I’ve never seen it here in the UK before so had to try it.

Essentially it was as good as it looks, copious amounts of cheese with artichoke and spinach which went well with the little pieces of toast on the side.

I had heard about the Oreo stuffed pancake here and a colleague of mine said that it wasn’t that great. I had to try it still as someone that loves Oreos.

In my opinion, these oreo stuffed pancakes were AMAZING. Like when they say they stuffed, it actually means the Oreo is included inside of the pancake batter and you can taste it really clearly, served as a warm stack with ice cream I can’t recommend it highly enough. I was also told that these were developed with a famous pancake guy on Instagram (didn’t catch his handle) but they took a while to perfect the recipe.


So to conclude, I wanted to ask the question if Glut lives up to the hype? I mean in our times it’s very easy for a new restaurant to simply buy or make up some good reviews online to boost their reputation and create hype and I have to admit this is what I was a bit sceptical about.

I can 100% say that I doubt this happened because the food and service were sublime. I will be definitely returning to Glut the next time I fancy a burger in Oxford.

Have you been before? What did you think? Comment below/message me on Instagram or on my Glut Oxford Instagram post!

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