Farmshop (Bicester Village) Afternoon Tea Review


So one weekend we decided to visit Bicester Village. As you may already know, Bicester village has grown significantly over the years (possibly doubled in size?) and as that growth has naturally led to more mouths to offer food to.

This has lead to an interesting number of restaurants and cafes opening in Bicester Village.

Whilst we were there we wanted to see what the Farmshop was like (partly as this is part of the Soho House & Co brand). What I really liked was that the Farmshop was conveniently the first place on the right as you walk into Bicester village from the back car park.

I was really impressed by the interior decoration. It had a rustic and quality feel with a bustling atmosphere showing off their open kitchen.

Food and drink

As the tittle suggests, we opted for the afternoon tea which we were very excited to try.

I won’t re-type the items included in the afternoon tea package, I took a picture of the menu which can be seen above. I can confirm the coffee tasted as good as it looks!

What I liked about this afternoon tea was its simplicity. It wasn’t too heavy as other afternoon teas I have tried in the past.

Conclusions and final thoughts

At £20 for two people, I think this is a steal. I would receommend having this nicely portioned afternoon tea with teas/coffees either as you start your visit to Bicester Village or at the end before you leave because of its location by the car park.

If anyone is thinking of trying this, I would encourage them to as it is also well priced considering it is located in Bicester Village and part of the Soho House & Co brand.


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    July 11, 2019 / 9:46 pm

    £20 for 2?! Wow that is good value!

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