Cinnamon Kitchen Oxford (Updated Review 2019)


For those of you that have followed my Instagram / blog for a year or more (thank you if you have!), you may have seen that I did my first review of the Cinnamon Kitchen in the Westgate in July 2018. If you haven’t seen it, you can find it here.

At the time the restaurant was completely new to me and all I knew was that they aimed to provide quality Indian food, so perhaps they were offering the highest quality Indian food in Oxford.

Well, from July 2018 till now I have still not had a better Indian restaurant experience in Oxford, and I can say that having visited Mowgli in the Westgate within the last month (although it’s worth considering their offering is different and aimed at street food, but the prices are not too dissimilar!).

Last time I visited I was really impressed with the marble and gold theme inside, it felt premium and you can tell a fair bit of money had been spent decorating the place.

I was very pleased to see that since then, there had been even more nice decorations added to the restaurant, such as the hanging tropical-looking plants in gold pots and the golden palm leave walls dotted around which gave some of the tables a bit more privacy.

Food and Drink

To drink, I opted for a pint of Cobra (I know this isn’t an Indian beer but it is still nice in my opinion).

For the food we went for:

  • Pork Ribs with chilli and honey glaze.
  • Char-grilled chestnut mushroom and pickled wild mushroom.
  • Old Delhi style butter chicken.
  • Tandori Trio (Paneer tikka, Achari cauliflower and Padron pepper).
  • Peshwari naan.
  • Sticky ginger toffee pudding with masala ice cream.
  • Lassi panna cotta, orange and mint.
  • Dark chocolate mousse.

The ribs were great. They had the perfect amount of meat (not the ribs you may have had before which are pretty much all bone) and the flavours were great. I liked the sesame seeds on top to add a bit more texture too.

There was a couple of different types of mushroom in this dish which tasted excellent, they had a proper barbeque grilled flavour to them too which was nice.

I had only tried butter chicken once before I think, but this was incredible. It was creamy and full of flavour without being spicey. The chicken was also tender and fell apart.

If you haven’t tried paneer cheese before I highly recommend you do. As some of you may know India has a large number of vegetarians so we thought it would be nice to try a couple of the veggie dishes, this being one of them. It was both filling and very tasty with the cauliflower and peppers too.

A personal favourite which I try and order when I have Indian anywhere, whether it is in a restaurant or from a take-away place, Peshwari naan. It was as expected, hot, doughy and with that classic taste of sweet coconut inside.

We ordered a selection of desserts, my favourite was the Lassi panna cotta as it has more of a yoghurty taste than your usual panna cotta which was a nice twist. I also loved the masala ice cream as it was so different and full of flavour.

Conclusion and final thoughts

To conclude, I wanted to find out how the Cinnamon Kitchen was compared to my original review just over a year ago.

I am really pleased to say I think they have improved all-round. The service was noticeably better in terms of the speed and knowledge of the staff (to be fair they had only been open for approximately 10 months when I last visited). The decor has also improved which I didn’t think was necessary or possible, but was a pleasant surprise for sure.

After having eaten at a few different Indian restaurants in Oxford, including 4500 Miles from Dehli, Mowgli Street Food and The Cinnamon Kitchen, I feel I am able to make an informed decision that this is my favourite place to go out for a nice Indian meal. The service and quality of food surpass both of the other two Indian restaurants in my opinion.

Have you been to the Cinnamon Kitchen before? I’d love to hear your thoughts, comment on this post or on any of my Cinnamon Kitchen Instagram posts to share your opinion.


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