Cinnamon Kitchen Oxford Festive Menu Review

Cinnamon Kitchen Oxford Festive Menu Review Introduction

So you may have seen that I have been to The Cinnamon Kitchen a few times now, this will be my third visit to create a review (specifically The Cinnamon Kitchen’s Oxford Festive Menu). If you haven’t already you can check out my first two reviews here (July 2018) and here (July 2019).

So The Cinnamon Kitchen kindly invited me to review one of their Festive Menu’s in exchange for a review and promotion on my Instagram and I didn’t hesitate to say yes with this being my favourite Indian restaurant in Oxford.

As I’ve mentioned in my Instagram Stories and other reviews, I have always loved the decoration at The Cinnamon Kitchen and think its one of the nicest restaurant interiors in Oxford.

Cinnamon Kitchen Oxford
Cinnamon Kitchen Oxford

As part of the Festive Menu’s, there is an option to have a Bellini on arrival which we opted for. I don’t normally like Prosecco but this was really nice and I loved the touch of adding a cinnamon stick.

Cinnamon Kitchen Oxford

So the menu below is the one we tried. The restaurant was very generous in providing every dish listed below so we can show you how they look and what they tasted like if you were to come and try this for yourself.

There are a few other Festive Menu’s on offer such as the Party Menu, Lunch Menu and New Year’s Eve menu all pictured below. I really liked the look of the New Year’s Eve menu.

Food and Drinks

So as mentioned earlier we were trying out “The Spice Trail” menu. I personally think that King Prawns are one of the easier dishes to enjoy if you are not a lover of fish. That being said I do really enjoy most types of seafood so was excited to see some on this menu.

With this being the first dish being served it actually took some time to come, however when it did arrive we were apologised to for the wait and it was explained that these are cooked in the restaurants Tandoori Clay oven to give it that extra charred flavour. It was absolutely worth the wait and you could really tell the difference in taste opposed to pan-fried Prawns.

Cinnamon Kitchen Oxford
Tandoori King Prawns (with Roasted Tomato Salsa and Curried Yoghurt)
Cinnamon Kitchen Oxford
Tandoori King Prawns (with Roasted Tomato Salsa and Curried Yoghurt)

For the second dish, I have never tried Vada Pao or Tapioca Cake so was quite intrigued. I have tried quite a bit of Paneer though. When I was in India last month I had Paneer at least once a day and grew quite fond of it actually, so was excited to see this was included in one of the dishes on the menu and see how it tasted compared to the dishes I tried in India.

The Vada Pao and Tapioca Cake both tasted really sweet which was a nice contrast to the Chili Paneer. The Paneer in this dish tasted almost identical to how it was in the dishes I tried in India so was very pleased with this.

Cinnamon Kitchen Oxford
Bombay Street Food (Vada Pao, Tapioca Cake and Chilli Panner)
Cinnamon Kitchen Oxford
Bombay Street Food (Vada Pao, Tapioca Cake and Chilli Panner)

After tasting how well the King Prawns were cooked, I was very excited to see how the Chargrilled Rump of Lamb tasted in comparison.

As well as this, I tried a dish called Saag Paneer (which is Spinach With Indian Cheese) in Goa and the sauce had this incredible smokey grilled flavour, looking identical to the sauce below so I was eager to try this as soon as it was put in front of us.

I can confirm that both the meat and sauce had that smokey grill flavour I was hoping to taste and really complimented each other well.

Cinnamon Kitchen Oxford
Chargrilled Rump of Lamb (with Keema Karela, Spinach and Nutmeg Sauce)
Chargrilled Rump of Lamb (with Keema Karela, Spinach and Nutmeg Sauce)
Stir-Fried Greens

So if you hadn’t noticed yet, The Spice Trail menu offers both a vegetarian and non-vegetarian option for each course which is nice to see. There are so many tasty vegetarian options in Indian cuisine so it is great to see that the restaurant is offering this variety.

The Chargrilled Chestnut Mushroom (pictured below) was incredibly tasty and had a nice spicy kick to it. As soon as you bit into the mushroom the spiciness came through and if you aren’t a massive lover of spicy food I would possibly skip this or keep a drink close by! I do love spicy food though so it was great to try. The coriander sauce was very nice too.

Chargrilled Chestnut Mushroom (Pickled Wild Mushrooms, Coriander Sauce)
Chargrilled Chestnut Mushroom (Pickled Wild Mushrooms, Coriander Sauce)
Black Lentils
Garlic Naan Bread
Chargrilled Chestnut Mushroom on the bottom left, Black Lentils just above, Chargrilled Rump of Lamb to the right, Stir-Fried Greens on the bottom right and Garlic Naan at the top
Black Lentils and Garlic Naan Bread

The Garlic Naan bread was great. Tasted very fresh and puffy as you would expect from restaurant-quality naan bread.

Dipping the Garlic Naan into the Spinach Sauce

To finish, we had the sticky ginger toffee pudding with garam masala ice cream. If you didn’t see my Instagram Stories please go and check them out on my highlights here just so you can see the consistency of the sponge. Honestly the nicest Sticky Toffee Pudding I have ever had in terms of texture and flavour.

The Gara Masala Ice Cream had a curry flavour to it which was interesting. My first instinct was questioning how this would work as a combination but surprisingly it works so well! It was eaten far too quickly but I really do rate this combination and presentation was 10/10.

Sticky Ginger Toffee Pudding (with Garam Masala Ice Cream)
Sticky Ginger Toffee Pudding
Garam Masala Ice Cream

Conclusions and Final Thoughts

So to conclude, The Cinnamon Kitchen now have their Festive menus on offer for people to try for 2019. Typically these are set menus which offer a plentiful variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

You could argue that Indian food is not the most traditional festive food when you think of this time of year, but I would say it provides a very nice alternative to a standard ‘Turkey with all the trimmings’ menu if you are after something a bit different. And in terms of the atmosphere and service at this restaurant, I cannot fault it.

After tasting this menu and seeing all the other Festive menus on offer, I’m tempted to book in for their New Years Eve menu as it looked just as good if not slightly better!

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