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Intro to Chosen Bun Oxford

Chosen Bun Oxford food delivery review. It feels like a long time since I have written a food review. In fact, the last one I wrote was for Lussmans Oxford back at the beginning of March, almost exactly 3 months ago.

You may have seen on my Instagram page that I’ve been looking out for various local food and drink deliveries in Oxfordshire and I have tried a few, definitely go and check those out in my food and drinks post columns if you haven’t already.

One particular food I’ve been craving recently is a good quality burger. It’s something which I’ve never had delivered before to be honest as I’ve never had the confidence that the food would arrive hot and in good shape, with it being a burger.

With that being said I noticed that Chosen Bun Oxford were doing food deliveries to my area, so I thought I’d give them a try. For those of you that haven’t heard of Chosen Bun before, they have three locations (Cambridge, Fulham and Oxford) and are a relatively small to medium-sized independent business.

The idea behind their name and brand (Chosen Bun Oxford) is that the owners travelled all around the world in a full-on burger mission. From New York to Naples and tested over 1000 beef patties, 50 triple-cooked chips, 30 onion rings, 12 pickled gherkins and 10 types of lettuce before eventually finding the ‘Chosen Bun’ and producing their own burgers for sale to the public.


Chosen Bun Oxford

So the first thing I noticed after the food arrived and opening the burger boxes were these cool cones to keep the shape of the burger in place. Having never ordered burgers for home delivery before, I’ve never seen this clever idea before.

Having done some digging, I’ve since found that Chosen Bun are the only company doing this certainly at least in the UK and they even own the patent to this style of burger presentation! Pretty cool in my opinion.

Also, the burger were still nice and hot so perhaps it helped to retain some of the heat too.

Chosen Bun Oxford
Chosen Bun Oxford

For our sides, we ordered the Mac and Cheese bites and Chosen Chicken Tenders both pictured below. I’ve eaten Mac and Cheese balls a few times in different restaurants now and I was really impressed with these ones. Again, still piping hot just as the burgers were. The chicken in the Chosen Chicken Tenders was very tender and to me tasted like good quality chicken.

Mac and Cheese Bites
Chosen Bun Oxford
Chosen Chicken Tenders

In terms of the burgers, I went for the BBQ Eastwoody (pictured below) which includes a beef patty, cheddar cheese, smoked streaky bacon, lettuce, caramelised pink onion relish, Stokes barbeque sauce and a panko breadcrumb onion ring.

I love BBQ flavoured food as well as BBQ sauce so this definitely had my name all over it.

My current favourite place to dine in for burgers in Oxford is Glut and the quality of burgers there are high. After having tried what Chosen Bun has to offer, I must say they are very close to that quality in my opinion.

Chosen Bun Oxford
BBQ Eastwoody
Chosen Bun Oxford
BBQ Eastwoody

When biting into the burger, it didn’t fall apart. The meat was cooked perfectly and there wasn’t too much sauce or an overwhelming amount of toppings inside to make it soggy. The amount of cheese was spot on I thought too.

I did manage to sneak in a bite of the Cheddar Bacon (pictured below) which my partner ordered. The Cheddar Bacon includes a beef patty, smoked streaky bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, Chosen burger sauce, caramelised pink onion relish and Nick’s pickles.

This was a great burger too, although a bit more of a simple burger compared to the BBQ Eastwoody I ordered.

Chosen Bun Oxford
Cheddar Bacon

You can’t really go wrong with brownies for dessert, so we ordered the Chocolate Miller which is a small tub of bite-sized brownies as pictured below. They were very soft and although there weren’t loads, you wouldn’t want to eat many more of these as I imagine they would be quite sickly if you had many more.

Chosen Bun Oxford
Chocolate Miller

Conclusions and final thoughts

To conclude, after having never tried a burger delivery service before I was expecting room temperature burgers that may fall apart because they lost their shape during delivery.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my preconceptions were completely wrong after trying out Chosen Bun Oxford. The burgers that were delivered to me kept the exact shape I would expect to see in a restaurant and they were still nice and hot. This goes for the sides we ordered too.

I would definitely order from Chosen Bun again having tried their food delivery service and am more open in general to ordering burgers for delivery too.

Have you tried the burgers from Chosen Bun? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below / comment on my Instagram post with your thoughts.

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  1. Whilst the burgers are tasty, they are never very warm when they arrive (although the chips are always piping hot so I’m assuming the burgers are pre-cooked and kept warm’sih while the chips are cooked). I’ve also had SO many errors in orders, with either chips missing, or both chips and side dips not in the bag!! I now make the delivery guy wait while I check the order. The quality of the product is NOT matched by the customer service.
    The other really annoying thing is that – if I order a delivery for a certain time – I expect it to arrive then! Not half an hour earlier, because ‘we’re a bit quiet’. Chosen Bun, its not my concern if you’re bored, please could you deliver food when the customer wants it, not when it is convenient to you!!??

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