Why We Love Burgers in Oxford (And You Should, Too!)

Sometimes too much choice can be a bad thing.  Before there were only really a handful of local burger establishments in Oxford which served good burgers and now we have not only a Five Guys but a new Tommi’s Burgers too.  In this article I’ll let you know whether or not it’s worth a visit.



With the recent completion of the new Westgate Oxford Shopping centre and an influx of new restaurants in our city in general, I’ve been on the hunt to find out where the best place to grab a decent burger is.

Five Guys is a good benchmark and if you haven’t been to one yet they are a popular American themed burger bar chain with restaurants across the UK and have opened in Oxford around July/August 2017.

Tommi’s Burgers is located in the new Westgate Social.  According to Retail Focus (A popular Retail Magazine) The Westgate Social, “will provide a shared eating and leisure environment with freshly prepared food and a casual price point. Customers will be able to individually choose food from multiple brands and eat it together in a vibrant, communal space”.

As of early November 2017 The Social is not fully complete yet and remained some what dark and dull apart from the odd bright menu lights for the few restaurants open in there to put it bluntly.


About Tommi’s Burger Joint

Tommi’s Burger Joint has six spots in Iceland, one in Berlin and Copenhagen, three in London and now one in Oxford.  They take a no-nonsense approach to making burgers with a simple menu making it comparable in style to Five Guys.

I quite like the layout of this Tommi’s Burgers.  Although I previously described The Social to be ‘dark and dull’ I believe Tommi’s Burgers has the best spot in the whole place.

They are located by big windows letting loads of light in with lit up ‘SOCIAL’ signs and have a nice semi-circle shaped bar which you can sit at whilst eating your burger. They have a few different beers on tap too.

To sum up it is bright and airy with a casual feel and is somewhere you’d likely go with some mates for an informal meal and a few beers.


The Burger

I opted for the Classic Burger with extras of Cheese, Bacon and Avocado making the grand total £9.90 for my burger (you can find a snippet of their menu a bit further below).

When asked how I’d like my burger done, the server said, “medium?”.  I normally like my burgers somewhere between medium and well done so this is what I asked for.

The Burger meat itself was overwhelmingly average, the outside was crispy and the inside quite chewy.  Definitely more well done than medium to well done in texture.  The Avocado was sparse but the bacon was nice and crispy, cheese was spot on.



Overall a 6/10 and slightly underwhelming considering my expectations from the nice set up they have. 

Good place to go for a casual meal with mates, I’d go back but I’m not in a rush.  I’ve tried Five Guys in a couple of other locations in the UK, but I’ll probably be heading there for my next burger in Oxford.

Burger Menu

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