10 Reasons Why Oxford Is The Best City

Yeah that’s right we said it so you don’t have to, we know you were all thinking it. So here it is the top 10 reasons why Oxford is better than any other city, dare we say it…in the world!

  1. Beautiful buildings

10 reasons why Oxford is the best city

Oxford is full of amazing architecture, whether it is in the white winter sunshine, or soft summer rays, the buildings appear as intricately carved sandcastles.


Top Tip: The best place to see the Spires of Oxford is Boars Hill, or atop the Varsity Club’s rooftop bar; this gives you a spectacular panoramic view of the tarnished copper roofs.


  1. Pubs & Cafes

10 reasons why Oxford is the best city

Whether it be the first ever established coffee house The Grand Café to the famous Eagle and Child where C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien regularly met up.


  1. BlackWell’s

With bookshelves the length of an airport runway, Blackwell’s is the perfect bookworms hideaway. Home to the Norrington room which houses over 100,00 books. You can’t really beat the world’s largest bookstore!


  1. Covered Market

10 reasons why Oxford is the best city

From fresh food to handmade silver jewelry, the Covered Market has it all and in a truly unique and atmospheric setting.


Top Tip: Be sure to pick up a Ben’s cookie, you wont regret it. The queue is worth it we promise.


  1. Ashmolean Museum

Established in 1683, the Ashmolean Museum is the oldest museum in the United Kingdom and houses art from greats such as Michelangelo to Picasso.


  1. Greenery/Gardens

You’re never too far from greenery in Oxford wherever you are. Whether it is the University or botanical gardens, they provide you with hours of tranquility in the city.


  1. History

10 reasons why Oxford is the best city

As you walk around Oxford its history is everywhere. Whether it be the steel “X’s” that mark historical events on the ground, or the plaques that decorate the many sandstone walls, Oxford is steeped in history.


  1. University

Where else can you walk through halls that have produced 26 Prime Ministers, Nobel Prize Winners and Olympians? Or that have featured in every Harry Potter film.


  1. Independent shops

10 reasons why Oxford is the best city

Oxford’s high street isn’t just full of chain stores. Whether you’re after a leather-bound journal from Scriptum, a traditional boat hat from Walters or jewelry from Payne & Son Oxford has it all.


  1. Music

With the likes of Foals and Radiohead starting their career in the small arena’s and clubs round Oxford, the one thing you can be sure of is talent.


We were delighted to have this guest post written by Paris Richardson.

Paris runs the blog JEMAPELLEPARIS and is currently at university studying English and Creative Writing with an ambition to become a writer in Fashion Journalism.  


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